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Program Detail



65 Beacon Street West
Laconia, NH 03246

(800) 322-2121 Toll Free - Local office
(603) 528-4105 FAX


(844) 275-3447 Toll Free - 844-ASK-DHHS - Client Services Hotline
(603) 271-9700 Service/Intake - Client Services Hotline
(603) 524-4485 Service/Intake - Local office

HOW TO APPLY:Applications can be obtained in the District Office, online or by mail.
Applicants for expedited services or those traveling long distances may be seen same day.
Applications may be completed online at
Applications can be mailed by contacting Division of Family Assistance. If applicant is unable to travel to District Office for interview, applicant can request phone interview by writing "Request Phone Interview" along with the reason why across the top of the mailed-in application.

EBT card services including reporting lost or stolen cards 1-888-997-9777

FEES:No fee

ELIGIBILITY:Income/asset restrictions

Qualifications vary by program
You may qualify for food stamps if your monthly income is less than: (income guidelines valid until Sept. 30, 2016)
$1276 - single person household
$1726 - 2 people in household
$2177 - 3 people in household
$2628 - 4 people in household

HOURS:Mon. - Fri., 8 am - 4:30 pm

DOCUMENTS:Varies by program but most want the following:
Proof of residency
Photo ID
Social Security Card
Income/assett verification

SERVICE DESCRIPTION:DHHS District Office responsible for public assistance programs such as:

*TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families) - Cash assistance given in the form of EBT card for families with children
*APTD (Aid to the Permanently and Totally Disabled) - Cash assistance for people who are disabled.
*MEDICAID - Medical insurance for low income children, pregnant women, and people with long term illnesses or disabilities
*FOOD STAMPS/SNAP - Financial assistance given in the form of an EBT (electronic benefits transfer) card that allows recipients to purchase non-prepared edible items.
*If client receives food stamps they are eligible to participate in the Food Stamp Employment and Training Program (FSET) which provides job search assistance, referrals to training programs and transportation reimbusement for job searches. Contact 271-0747 or 800-852-3345 x 0747 to apply.
*CHILD CARE SUBSIDIES - Financial assistance in the form of a partial payment to child care providers thereby reducing the cost of child care for working families.
*QUALIFIED MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES (QMB) - Individuals with lower incomes may qualify to have their Medicare Parts A and B premiums and all Medicare co-insurance and deductibles paid.
*SPECIFIED LOW INCOME BENEFICIARIES (SLMB) - Individuals with somewhat higher incomes may qualify to have all or a portion of Medicare Part B premiums paid.
*QUALIFIED DISABLED AND WORKING INDIVIDUALS (QDWI) - This program provides payment of Medicare Part A premiums for eligible working individuals with disabilities who are entitled to enroll in Medicare Part A, but who have lost Medicare Part A coverage due to earnings. Individuals eligible for QDWI may not otherwise be eligible for Medicaid.
*CHILDREN WITH SEVERE DISABILITIES (CSD): special coverage for disabled children under 18 or under 19 if attending high school or its equivalency full-time. The disabled child does not have to be living with a parent or relative to receive this coverage.
HOME CARE FOR CHILDREN WITH SEVERE DISABILITIES (HCCSD): for severely disabled children up to age 19 whose medical disability is so severe that they qualify for institutional care but who are being cared for at home. Only the income and resources of the disabled child are counted towards eligibility for this program. Commonly known as the "Katie Beckett" option.


  • Child Care Expense Assistance
  • CHIP Programs
  • EBT Card Services
  • Food Stamps/SNAP Applications
  • Home/Community Based Care Waiver Programs
  • Home/Community Based Care Waiver Programs for Children and Youth with Disabilities
  • Medicaid (QMB, SLMB, QDWI)
  • Medicaid Applications
  • Medicaid Prior Authorization
  • Post Disaster Food Services
  • State Administered SSI Supplement Programs
  • TANF Applications

SITE HOURS:Lobby hours: Mon. - Fri., 8 am - 4 pm

SERVICE SUMMARY:DHHS District Office for the Laconia area.

Other location(s) where PUBLIC ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS is offered:
Other service(s) offered at this location:
The community resource directory information is up-to-date to the best of our knowledge. However, you should always call the provider to confirm this information and make an appointment. Be sure to confirm payment information with the provider, if payment is required. 2-1-1 New Hampshire does not rate, recommend or endorse any agency. We simply provide information as a public service to those in need.